Golf Courses of Great Britain & Ireland

From the era of Downton Abbey, at the height of the British Empire, rose an exceptional English gentleman who did far more than wine and dine in high society. Bernard Darwin, grandson of naturalist Charles Darwin, was bred in the world of Dukes and Earls, but rose to change the art of sportswriting from a recitation of results to an art where words painted images and told stories. He was the first of the modern sportswriters, and is still regarded as one of, if not the greatest, of them all.

Darwin's grandest achievement made golf courses as famous as the golfers that played them. He wrote The Golf Courses of the British Isles in 1910, yet it remains an authoritative guide to some of the best courses in the world.

Now, in an unprecedented enterprise, Darwin's masterpiece will be brought to life in a new century. Using his powerful and poetic prose as a narrative guide, The Golf Courses of Great Britain & Ireland will be a ground breaking documentary production. Stunningly shot and immaculately produced, the courses of Great Britain and Ireland will be brought to life as never before.

The visual artistry will enhance Darwin's words. The series will be to golf what BBC's Planet Earth is to nature. Stunning pictures will be woven with a stirring narrative. The courses will spring to life both visually and through stories, but the true star will be Darwin himself. His writing is unmatched, but his life is also an entrée to an enchanting era.

Non-golfers will enjoy the breathtaking scenery and overall artistry of the series. As for golfers, perhaps golfer Ben Crenshaw said it best: "You want to hop on the next plane and play each and every course described by Darwin."

In Darwin's writings, the golf courses become living, breathing characters. It's time to tell their stories.